Iowa Area Codes

5 area codes serve Iowa

Iowa Area Codes Overview

Iowa, located in the heart of the Midwest, is primarily served by two area codes: 515 and 319. The 515 area code covers the central and southern parts of the state, including the capital city of Des Moines, and extends to areas such as Ames and West Des Moines. On the other hand, the 319 area code encompasses eastern Iowa, covering cities like Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Waterloo. These area codes facilitate communication across the diverse landscape of Iowa, connecting urban centers, rural communities, and agricultural regions. As a state that values both its urban and rural heritage, Iowa's area codes play a crucial role in maintaining connectivity and communication throughout the state.

Largest 22 cities in Iowa

City Population
Des Moines 203,433
Cedar Rapids 126,326
Davenport 99,685
Sioux City 82,684
Waterloo 68,406
Iowa City 67,862
Council Bluffs 62,230
Ames 58,965
Dubuque 57,637
West Des Moines 56,609
Ankeny 45,582
Urbandale 39,463
Cedar Falls 39,260
Marion 34,768
Bettendorf 33,217
Mason City 28,079
Marshalltown 27,552
Clinton 26,885
Burlington 25,663
Fort Dodge 25,206
Ottumwa 25,023
Muscatine 22,886

Iowa Area Codes List