Kentucky Area Codes

5 area codes serve Kentucky

Kentucky Area Codes Overview

Kentucky, a state in the southeastern region of the United States, is primarily served by two area codes: 502 and 859. Area code 502 encompasses the central and north-central regions, including the city of Louisville and its surrounding areas. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Louisville is a hub for arts, sports, and the famous Kentucky Derby. On the other hand, area code 859 covers the eastern and northern parts of the state, including cities like Lexington and Covington. Lexington, often referred to as the "Horse Capital of the World," is renowned for its equestrian culture and thoroughbred horse farms. These area codes not only facilitate communication across the diverse landscapes of Kentucky but also reflect the state's unique blend of urban sophistication and rural charm.

Largest 18 cities in Kentucky

City Population
Louisville 597,337
Lexington-Fayette 295,803
Bowling Green 58,067
Owensboro 57,265
Covington 40,640
Hopkinsville 31,577
Richmond 31,364
Florence 29,951
Georgetown 29,098
Henderson 28,757
Elizabethtown 28,531
Nicholasville 28,015
Jeffersontown 26,595
Frankfort 25,527
Paducah 25,024
Independence 24,757
Radcliff 21,688
Ashland 21,684

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