Montana Area Codes

1 area code serves Montana

Montana Area Codes Overview

Montana, known for its vast landscapes and rugged beauty, is served by several area codes that connect its diverse communities. The state primarily employs the 406 area code, encompassing cities such as Billings, Missoula, and Helena. This area code blankets the expansive terrain, from the rolling plains to the majestic Rocky Mountains. The 406 area code not only facilitates communication within Montana but also fosters a sense of unity among its residents. As a state that cherishes its natural wonders and outdoor pursuits, the area codes in Montana play a crucial role in connecting individuals across the vast expanse, contributing to the vibrant and interconnected fabric of the Big Sky Country.

Largest 6 cities in Montana

City Population
Billings 104,170
Missoula 66,788
Great Falls 58,505
Bozeman 37,280
Butte-Silver Bow 33,525
Helena 28,190

Montana Area Codes List