Nebraska Area Codes

3 area codes serve Nebraska

Nebraska Area Codes Overview

Nebraska, situated in the Great Plains region of the United States, is primarily served by three area codes that cater to its diverse communities. The most widespread is Area Code 402, covering the eastern and central parts of the state, including cities like Omaha and Lincoln. Meanwhile, Area Code 308 encompasses the western and central regions, encompassing cities like Grand Island and North Platte. Additionally, a small portion of the southwestern part of Nebraska falls under Area Code 308. The state introduced a new area code, 531, as an overlay to 402, ensuring a sufficient supply of phone numbers for the growing population while maintaining the existing geographical boundaries. These area codes collectively connect the people and businesses of Nebraska, reflecting the state's unique blend of urban and rural lifestyles.

Largest 10 cities in Nebraska

City Population
Omaha 408,958
Lincoln 258,379
Bellevue 50,137
Grand Island 48,520
Kearney 30,787
Fremont 26,397
Hastings 24,907
North Platte 24,733
Norfolk 24,210
Columbus 22,111

Nebraska Area Codes List