Nevada Area Codes

3 area codes serve Nevada

Nevada Area Codes Overview

Nevada, a state renowned for its diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, is served by multiple area codes that cater to its various regions. The most prominent area code is 702, covering the populous Las Vegas metropolitan area, known globally for its entertainment and hospitality industry. Additionally, the 775 area code spans the majority of the state, encompassing cities like Reno and Carson City. This area code reflects Nevada's vast rural expanses and outdoor recreational areas. As a testament to the state's growth, the 725 overlay was introduced in the Las Vegas Valley, providing additional phone number options. These area codes collectively define Nevada's telecommunications landscape, connecting residents and businesses across its urban hubs and scenic expanses.

Largest 14 cities in Nevada

City Population
Las Vegas 583,756
Henderson 257,729
Reno 225,221
Paradise 223,167
North Las Vegas 216,961
Sunrise Manor 189,372
Spring Valley 178,395
Enterprise 108,481
Sparks 90,264
Carson City 55,274
Whitney 38,585
Pahrump 36,441
Winchester 27,978
Summerlin South 24,085

Nevada Area Codes List