New Mexico Area Codes

2 area codes serve New Mexico

New Mexico Area Codes Overview

New Mexico, a state rich in diverse landscapes and cultural heritage, encompasses several area codes that serve its varied communities. The state's most prominent area code is 505, covering the majority of New Mexico, including its capital city, Santa Fe, and the largest city, Albuquerque. Additionally, the 575 area code spans the southern part of the state, reaching communities such as Las Cruces. These area codes not only facilitate communication within the state but also reflect the unique character of each region, from the high desert plateaus to the mountains and valleys. As a conduit for connectivity, New Mexico's area codes play a crucial role in maintaining communication and fostering the cultural tapestry that defines this Southwestern state.

Largest 12 cities in New Mexico

City Population
Albuquerque 545,852
Las Cruces 97,618
Rio Rancho 87,521
Santa Fe 67,947
Roswell 48,366
Farmington 45,877
South Valley 40,976
Clovis 37,775
Hobbs 34,122
Alamogordo 30,403
Carlsbad 26,138
Gallup 21,678

New Mexico Area Codes List