Puerto Rico Area Codes

2 area codes serve Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Area Codes Overview

Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, primarily uses the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for its telephone area codes. The island is assigned multiple area codes to accommodate its diverse regions. The most common area codes include 787 and 939, covering the majority of Puerto Rico, including the capital city, San Juan, and surrounding areas. While 787 is the original area code, 939 was introduced as an overlay to ensure a sufficient number of available phone numbers. These area codes are used for both landline and mobile phones, providing seamless communication across the island. It's important to note that Puerto Rico's telephone system is an integral part of its connectivity and serves as a crucial link for residents and businesses alike.

Largest 18 cities in Puerto Rico

City Population
San Juan 1,915,105
Aguadilla 260,331
Bayamón 170,028
Carolina 139,735
Ponce 124,719
Arecibo 123,499
San Germán 103,747
Mayagüez 93,426
Yauco 80,307
Fajardo 75,549
Caguas 74,502
Juana Díaz 71,759
Guaynabo 70,542
Florida 69,427
Guayama 65,343
Trujillo Alto 44,203
Cataño 23,536
Vega Baja 23,527

Puerto Rico Area Codes List