South Dakota Area Codes

1 area code serves South Dakota

South Dakota Area Codes Overview

South Dakota, located in the heart of the Midwest, primarily employs two area codes to facilitate telecommunications across the state. The majority of South Dakota falls under the 605 area code, encompassing cities such as Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and the state capital, Pierre. This area code serves as the communication lifeline for residents, connecting them across the expansive plains and picturesque landscapes. Additionally, the 605 area code reflects the state's rich cultural heritage and commitment to its tight-knit communities. South Dakota also utilizes the 605 area code for mobile and landline services, unifying the state under a singular code. As South Dakota continues to evolve, its area codes remain vital conduits for communication, linking diverse regions and communities across this Great Plains state.

Largest 5 cities in South Dakota

City Population
Sioux Falls 153,888
Rapid City 67,956
Aberdeen 26,091
Brookings 22,056
Watertown 21,482

South Dakota Area Codes List