Tennessee Area Codes

7 area codes serve Tennessee

Tennessee Area Codes Overview

Tennessee is served by multiple area codes, each delineating specific geographic regions within the state. The most prominent ones include Area Code 901, covering Memphis and its surrounding areas, known for its vibrant cultural scene. Area Code 615 encompasses Nashville, the state capital, and its neighboring regions, representing the heart of Tennessee's musical heritage. Knoxville and parts of the eastern region are covered by Area Code 865, while Chattanooga and the southeastern areas fall under Area Code 423. The newest addition, Area Code 931, spans the middle part of the state. These area codes not only facilitate telecommunications but also reflect the diverse landscapes and communities that make up the Volunteer State, from the iconic Appalachian Mountains to the lively urban centers.

Largest 31 cities in Tennessee

City Population
Memphis 646,889
Nashville 601,222
Knoxville 178,874
Chattanooga 167,674
Clarksville 132,929
Murfreesboro 108,755
Jackson 65,211
Johnson City 63,152
Franklin 62,487
Bartlett 54,613
Hendersonville 51,372
Kingsport 48,205
Collierville 43,965
Cleveland 41,285
Smyrna 39,974
Germantown 38,844
Brentwood 37,060
Columbia 34,681
La Vergne 32,588
Cookeville 30,435
Gallatin 30,278
Oak Ridge 29,330
Morristown 29,137
Spring Hill 29,036
Maryville 27,465
Bristol 26,702
Lebanon 26,190
Mount Juliet 23,671
East Ridge 20,979
Farragut 20,676
Shelbyville 20,335

Tennessee Area Codes List