Wyoming Area Codes

1 area code serves Wyoming

Wyoming Area Codes Overview

Wyoming, the least populous state in the United States, primarily operates under two area codes: 307 and 582. Area code 307 covers the majority of the state, including cities such as Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie. This expansive area code underscores Wyoming's vast and sparsely populated terrain. Additionally, area code 582 was introduced as an overlay for code 307 to address the increasing demand for phone numbers. The overlay ensures that Wyoming's residents and businesses continue to have access to telephone services while accommodating the evolving telecommunications landscape. Despite its relatively simple area code structure, Wyoming's expansive landscapes and tight-knit communities make these codes vital for communication throughout the state.

Largest 5 cities in Wyoming

City Population
Cheyenne 59,466
Casper 55,316
Laramie 30,816
Gillette 29,087
Rock Springs 23,036

Wyoming Area Codes List